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Give Me a Break

Being a Videographer by profession, a vacation to me means no holding on to a camera.

But hey, my two lovely daughters are coming along with me to Paris. How can a father think of not taking videos and photos of their children enjoying a holiday!

So to compromise, I thought of a way to bring a camcorder fully fitted as one unit, without having to carry accessories and spares.

Hence, November 2007, two days of vacation videography and photography in Paris, made possible with the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder.

No Video Tapes

100 GB of hard disk capacity built into the camcorder. That's 32 hours of recording in High Definition. I needed less than 4 hours. So much space left. No worries of running out of space. No need to run around with spare video tapes in the pocket. Video tapes are dead!

Long Battery Life

The Sony Handycam HDR-SR8 came with a battery that lasts only 1 hour and a half. So I bought the biggest one that could last over 400 minutes, that's over 6 hours. One is enough. Enough even for two days. I don't use the camcorder every minute anyway.

Wide Angle Lens

Being a pro, I know a wide angle lens is essential for those shots in tight places. A Sony wide angle lens came free with the camcorder during the introductory offer. It sucks. So I bought a Vitacon lens. I also use Vitacon brand wide lens on my bigger cam.

The Camcorder CheckList

I don't even have to carry a camera bag. The unit just slips into my jacket pocket. In the next article, I will share my experience with the Sony HDR-SR8 100GB Handycam Camcorder. In the mean time, here is my checklist on having a stress-free holiday with your camcorder.

Tip#1: Get a Hard Disk Drive camcorder with at least 100GB.
Tip#2: Get a battery pack with the longest stamina of at least 6 hours.
Tip#3: Get a wide angle lens for capturing huge subjects in tight spaces.

See You on YouTube!
Adrian Lee

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