Shanghai Kiss - Videopreneur Needs Some Translation...

10am: The kids kissed me goodbye. Mixed feelings ran through my mind. I have never separated from my family for more than 2 days. Today, I leave for China for a 4-day business trip. Four days of intense videography schedule.

1130am: The plane took off from Singapore Changi International Airport. The weather was perfect. The service was great. It has been more than 10 years since I flew on Singapore Airlines, Asia’s leading airline. The gadget under my nose kept me occupied for most of the 5-hour flight. It was a movie player. a nintendo, a telephone and an information kiosk. I have been to Shanghai before, but this electronic device told me more about Shanghai than I knew (or never bothered to ask for the tour guide's translation 2 years ago).

5pm: Arrival at Shanghai (上海) Pudong International Airport. We were greeted by local representatives. With me were the organisers, the media people and my assistant. We were whisked away in a little van to the hotel.

What's the icon of Shanghai?

The Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔).

Where's the hotel we were checked in?

Right next to the icon!

A videographer's dream come true. A video opportunity right at the doorstep... and also at the hotel room window.

What is the other icon of Shanghai?

The Bund (外滩). I would refer to it as the original Shanghai. The historical site. A must see.

Where is it?

YES! Right behind the hotel! We were just a few steps from Huangpu River which separates Shanghai's classic historical site and the dazzling futuristic city.

After dinner, I spent the whole night rolling my new Sony HDR-SR8 high definition camcorder with a tripod, absorbing the breathtaking scenes on both sides of the river.

I think I recorded too much. But I didn't care. There is 100GB of hard disk space in the camcorder. That's 22 hours of high definition video recording. I can go back to the hotel later to delete the clips I do not want to keep. (which I did... but kept most of the clips instead... they are too beautiful)

I was so engrossed recording videos that I forgot this baby can snap photos too.

The spectacular city lights dazzled till 10pm. The Pearl Tower stopped blinking. The running coloured building lights over the other side shut off.

I guess it's time to call it a day and prepare for tomorrow's big event.

BUT WAIT! What is that I see? Mooncakes selling at half the price of Singapore's mooncakes... and they're from Shangri-la Hotel!
To be continued...
Adrian Lee

TIP: When visiting Shanghai, stay at the Pudong Shangri-la Hotel for the best views of the old and new city... but until 10pm though.

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