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I spent one whole day just to search for the right music to fit this corporate video editing project I am rushing.

The client wants a track that is upbeat yet elegant. Some rhythm and beat that resonates with everyone, yet portrays a sense of classiness. What the **** is that?

My existing music library doesn't seem to have any that sounds suitable.

Of course we can make custom music, but there is no time for that.

So I searched google for "royalty free music".

Just in case you think I am looking for FREE music, no. You have to buy "royalty free music" as in pay for it. "Royalty free" means you pay once and you can use it as many times as you want. That means no copyright issues.

The other type of music for video production is called "Production Music". I will stay far away from this. They will charge you for every video project that you use the music and for every time the video is displayed or broadcast. To me, this is rubbish... not unless the music is so damn good.

Google search on "royalty free music" displays a list of sites and here is my experience with them.

Before I review these sites, here is what I am looking for. Royalty free music download sites...
  1. Must have downloadable samples. How in world am I going to know if the music fits my video just by reading the description without audible samples.
  2. Must have downloadable full samples. From the beginning to the end. So that I know how the whole track fits into my video.
  3. Must not have partial samples. I do not want to be disappointed if after purchasing I find that the music ending sucks. An attention-grabbing closing is critical in every video project (I hate music that fades out at the end).
  4. Must have instant download after purchasing. Don't make me buy a CD. I am in a hurry.
Here is the list of Royalty Free Music Download Sites:
  1. : I found my track here. It has all the 4 criteria mentioned above. I have one complaint though. Most of the music here seems dated, as in, they sound a bit like the 70's to 80's era.
  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but the rest of the sites are not worthy of mention here. If I cannot hear the full sample, forget it!

Adrian Lee
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