Do Not Use Copyright Music in Viral Videos

Viral videos help spread embarassment
Bochco felt that television, the traditional entertainment model he had always worked in, wouldn't work for online video, in part because young people mostly use Internet entertainment as a distraction -- something to do, say, between classes

Copyright cops step it up
Audible Magic technology scans online audio and video content to make sure it's authorized for free distribution.

Online Video Advertising's Breakout Moment
"But it's not clear precisely what we mean by "online video." There are several species in this environment. We need to be specific because each one's different in terms of technology, abilities, pricing, and control. Online video can mean streaming video, downloadable video, rented video, video on your site, video on a social network, video in an ad, video before/during/after another video, Flash video, or plain, old television delivered over IP..."
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