WMV HD... What Is It?

Windows Media Video High Definition (WMV HD) is the marketing name for high definition videos encoded using Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 codecs. These low-complexity codecs make it possible to watch high definition movies in 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p) resolutions on many modern personal computers running Microsoft Windows.

WMV HD movie titles have been made commercially available on DVD-ROM discs, either as standalone discs or supplements to the regular DVD-Video titles. The technology was considered a stepping stone to true high definition optical disc formats (HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc) and Microsoft never intended the discs to be played on anything but personal computers.

Often featuring 5.1 or 7.1 multichannel sound, the soundtracks are commonly encoded using the Windows Media Audio Professional codec.

The future of the WMV HD DVD-ROM format is unclear as HD DVD and Blu-ray technology becomes available.

WMV encoded high-definition movie trailers are available for free download on Microsoft's website. WMV HD Content Showcase.

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Adrian Lee
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