How To Convert Betacam SP To MiniDV?

I wonder why some video houses still produce videos on analog Betacam-SP. They should stop wasting clients money and make videos in High Definition or HD.

We all know clients cannot play and watch a video recorded in Betacam-SP. We do know all of us can easily play DVD, mini-DV and the up-and-coming HDV.

In today's tutorial, I will go through the process of transfering Betacam-SP to mini-DV. I do this frequently for clients, so that they can watch their videos while preserving high quality.

Betacam SP to MiniDV
Sony Betacam SP Player
Sony MiniDV CamCorder
  1. Connect the Betacam Player XLR audio outputs to the MiniDV Camcorder Line audio inputs using the cable provided with the camcorder and a pair of XLR adaptors.
  2. Connect the Betacam Player s-video output to the MiniDV Camcorder s-video input using an s-video cable.
  3. Power up the units.
  4. Set the MiniDV Camcorder to VTR mode, AV in.
  5. Insert a blank MniDV tape into the MiniDV Camcorder.
  6. Insert the Betacam SP tape into the Betacam Player.
  7. Play the Betacam and start recording on the MiniDV Camcorder.


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