10 Tips To Capture A Great Video Of An Appreciation Dinner

Filmed an Appreciation Dinner at The Grand Copthorne.
500 guests, 30 VIPs, 1 Minister and waitresses about 11.
Thing happen quickly. Got to be on my toes.
I love every minute of shooting great videos.

10 Tips To Capture A Great Video Of An Appreciation Dinner.
By Adrian Lee,

  1. Get the program sheet from the organizer and familiarize yourself with the flow of events.
  2. Arrive two hours earlier to set up your tripod and camcorder at the best position but keep in mind to minimize obstruction, especially the VIP's view of the stage.
  3. Plug in the audio feed from the main sound system into your camcorder and do a SOUND CHECK. This is to capture good quality speeches.
  4. For speeches and performances, fix camcorder to the tripod but remember to zoom in and close-up on the action or emotion.
  5. For off-stage happenings, like reception and mingling, get the camcorder off the tripod and go mobile. Remember to unplug the audio feed.
  6. Capture more of the VIP mingling with the guests.
  7. Stay alert and capture emotions, especially happy ones.
  8. DO NOT capture people eating or munching their dinner.
  9. Not just people, but capture also the banners, gifts and any props that add to the theme of the celebration.
  10. Lastly, capture candid action shots. This is videography not photography.
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