Which Camcorder Brand Would You Recommend?

This question is thrown at me again today.

My immediate reply is of course "SONY"!

Then I will follow that by saying Sony is not the cheapest though, but there will be no regrets.

I strongly recommend Sony because I have used other brands in the professional arena like P........, J.. and C.... . I can tell you they are inferior in terms of speed, accuracy and details.

Would you like to press the record button then wait one second or more for the tape to start rolling? No you cannot afford to lose one second in event videography. Sony's record button is immediate.

Would you like your auto focus lens to take one second or more to adjust itself? Again sony has a better response.

Would you like to see the LCD screen at low resolution and changing color when you shift you head just a little? Sony's LCD screens are as good as their TV.

Would you like to download the videos from the camcorder to your PC and find that there is a black margin on the edges? Sony's picture output is clean, full and accurate.

Sony creates their camcorders with users in mind and they made sure they create a product based on our feedback.

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Nevermind the price. You will not regret it.
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