I Specialize in Videography Only, Sorry No Photography

Why are there so many phone enquiries looking for photography service? I thought the company name clearly states "Video" as in "Adrian Video Image". Even the website is called "VideoLane.com".

Most people assume that videographers also know photography.

Yes most videographers do photography as well. BUT NOT ME.

I would rather be the specialist than the general practioner.

I would rather be the master of one trade than a jack of all.

I would rather my clients enjoy full satisfaction for a service.

Anyway we still entertain calls for photography politely. If you ask the right questions, we may even recommend you the perfect photographer for your requirement, be it wedding or product shots. (I've worked with too many photographers to know which is real and which is fake).

For a start here's a list of wedding photogrphers I recommend.

Ok. For those seriously looking for videographers, would you like us to to a corporate shoot or a wedding shoot?

Adrian Lee
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