How Do We Convert MiniDV to DVD? Trade secret revealed.

Here's the trade secret leak.

We don't use expensive hardware or software.

All we need is just a S$2000 miniDV camcorder, a $3000 PC and a $200 software.

You can even do it yourself at home, but I am sure you will come back to me begging for help. Otherwise just face it, our $3000 PC is not the same as yours. Ours is specially configured. The real trade secret I am not going to reveal.

As for the mini DV camcorder, you can get a cheaper one and it still works.

The software no one will believe, but even the most fussy corporate client have been very satisfied with the crisp quality of our DVD conversions. It costs less than S$200. This secret I will reveal. Go download this DVD conversion software and try it on your PC. Click here.
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