Genting... Themepark... Casino... Roulette

3 solid days of cool crisp mountain air.

That's the school holiday family vacation.

The kids had unlimited rides at the theme park.

The adults made money at the casino.

Refreshed? Yes. Time away from videography work.

But not totally. There is a videocam on my O2 PDA phone. I cannot help but video the kids enjoying the rides.

For the small one. Most of the rides was her first experience.

For the elder one, at 8, sadly she is too tall for some kiddy rides and too short for most adult rides.

And yes there were wild monkeys in this cold climate.

When the kids go to sleep at night with their Grandma, the parents sneak to the casino.

Haven't been here for more than 2 years. The whole place have changed.

My favourite winning Horse Racing Derby Machines are all gone.

The whole floor are mostly Jackpots and Roulettes. That's boring.

I hate Roulettes. But the next time you go up, read up and learn how to win Roulettes...

Enjoy, have fun, and know your limits!

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