CloneDVD mobile Update

A new version of CloneDVD mobile has been released.

Here the list of fixes and improvements:

Version 2006 06 12
- New: Changed MP4 and GP3 encoding from ffmpeg to mencoder. Requires
changes to all profiles, make sure to check the new devices.ini file.
- New: Added support for the Nintendo "Play-Yan" cartridge for the
Nintendo GameBoy Advance
- New: Added subtitle support for all MP4 and GP3 profiles, including
Apple iPod and Sony PSP
- New: Improved picture quality
- New: Added profile for the Arcos AV320 (untested!)
- New: AVI files can now be created with libavformat (Archos AV320)
- New: The profile for the Sony PSP has been split into two - one for
PSP firmware version 2.6 or better supporting better playback of
progressive scan NTSC movies, and one for older firmware versions.
- New: Added "Please wait..." dialog while Apple iPod
postprocessing is done
- Change: iPod postprocessing is now done, even if encoding is
aborted. Handy if you want to check output quality by creating
a short movie clip by clicking "Cancel" during encoding.
- Change: Increased Audio Bitrate for many profiles for better
Audio Quality
- Fix: Audio Sync problems with MP4 and GP3 profiles
- Fix: Problems with interleaved VOBUs on some DVDs
- Many small fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

The update is free for all registered customers, of course.
Just install the new version on top of your current version,
regardless which version you have installed:

Download here:

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