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"#1: Instantly Boost Your Traffic With Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Yahoo! Search Marketing: Yahoo's sponsored search lets you advertise your site in the search results of the following search engines: MSN, Yahoo!, AltaVista, InfoSpace, AlltheWeb and NetZero.

Google AdWords: With Google AdWords, you can have your ads show up in sponsored search listings for certain keywords--and you can also advertise on other sites that match your audience.

MSN AdCenter: MSN has recently entered the arena of paid search with MSN AdCenter. So far, it's the only PPC engine to offer keyword-based demographic targeting. " Make More Money Online - By Derek Gehl

"Think big, and muscle your way into success on a grand scale." - By Robert Kiyosaki , Fear Factor.

"After taking a long, hard look at the state of your business, you decide to expand by hiring additional employees. But what do you have to take into account and do when adding a new position and a new hire? First, you need to create a comprehensive, clearly written job description that includes these factors:

  • The major and related duties, responsibilities and tasks the employee must perform
  • The expected standards of job performance
  • The reporting relationships--the people or job title to whom the employee will
    report and who, if anyone, will report to the new hire
  • The financial and fiscal responsibilities and spending limits--if any
  • The standards of acceptable behavior
  • The working conditions

Besides being used when hiring new staff, this same document is crucial in serving as a basis for evaluating employee performance. If it's too general, non-specific or doesn't adequately reflect what the employee actually does on the job, then it's a waste of your time and effort. " Expand your Sales Force, Business Hiring Tips - By David Javitch

So what's my plan next? THINK BIG!

VideoLane will expand from Wedding Videography into:
  • Business Video Services
  • Video Conversion Services
  • CD DVD Duplication Services
  • Wedding Services
  • Adrian will continue being the top end Wedding Videographer and Trainer!

I will need help for this to happen. Know anyone interested to join me?

Please refer this link...

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