Zone Alarm for Videographers

Sweepstakes Promo

Get $20 off ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and the chance to win big prizes

Zone Alarm is giving away sweet electronic prizes and a $20 instant discount on ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. Winners will receive:

42" LG widescreen plasma HDTV

XPS 600 Dell Desktop Multimedia Machine with 20" flatpanel monitor
(2 first prizes)

Apple iPod with 30 GB capacity
(3 second prizes)

With ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite you get:

  • Triple Defense Firewall Protects beyond traditional firewalls right down to the operating system
  • Integrated Anti-spyware and Antivirus protection scans and removes spyware and viruses in one integrated process
  • SmartDefense Service Provides your PC with real-time security updates and new attack protection
  • Plus! Identity & Privacy Protection, Spam Blocker, Anti-Phishing, IM Protection, Parental Control, Email Security, and much more!

ZAISS $20 off Sweepstakes Promo

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