How to Make a Photo Montage Video - Scanning Photos

Today's lesson is about scanning photos the right way so that they look good on the wedding photo montage video.
  1. Scan the full picture. Do not crop. Do the cropping in the video editing program. I will explain why later.
  2. Scan at minimum 360 dpi.
  3. After scanning, examine the the picture on screen by zooming in close-up on the subject's face.
  4. Are the facial features sharp, out of focus or pixelized.
  5. If it is pixelized, set a higher dpi and repeat the above process.
  6. Next, zoom in close again on important parts of the picture, eg subject's clothes, and check for dust particles.
  7. If dust particles are present, wipe the photo with a soft dry cloth. Wipe the glass surface of the scanner. Then scan again.
  8. Name each photo in sequence, eg bride01, bride02,... , groom01, groom02,... , dating01, dating02,... , studio01, studio01,...

Old personal photos are taken in all angles and all sizes. The objective to remember when scanning is to make sure the subject's face is sharp when zoomed in with the video editing program. The reason to scan the full picture is that the background come in useful to build the story, eg, panning from an object in the background to the subject. The background can also be used for transitions.

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