How to Convert DVD to VCD

How to Convert DVD to VCD


You have your video footage on DVD. You want to convert the DVD to VCD. Here are 2 ways to do it:

1. Pay a professional videographer to do it. Or...
2. Do it yourself.


  • Your Video Footage on DVD.
  • Video Editing PC / Laptop
  • Eazy VCD v1.15a
  • Blank CDR


  1. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive.
  2. Open Eazy VCD v1.15a.
  3. Eazy VCD will automatically detect
  4. Select New Project > VCD. Click Next.
  5. Select Add Media > Import DVD-Video.
  6. Locate your DVD drive. Click OK.
  7. Tick the Titles or Chapters you want to convert. (REMEMBER! One VCD can take up to only 80 minutes of video).
  8. Click Import. Wait for the video to transfer.
  9. be continued


  • To advance further, you can make a VCD with menu.
  • Using yet another technique, you can make your VCD autoplay on a PC.
  • VCD is also known as Video CD or VideoCD.

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